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Great God of Heaven: Daniel made simple

Sam Gordon's new commentary is now available at £9.99 (plus P&P). Daniel is more than blazing furnaces, dens of lions, and bizarre monsters. It focuses on the sovereignty of God and is a dramatic unveiling of his plans for the Jewish people and the nation of Israel, with a number of graphic insights along the way on world history, past, present, and future.


Reaching the world with the Word

Our Bible teaching ministry can now be heard globally on internet radio. Working in tandem with UK Church Community Radio, we are so excited to be 'on-air' - check out the broadcast schedule and info on downloading the app by clicking here. Then, sit back, relax, and be refreshed as you listen in for yourself. And be sure to tell your friends all about it too! 

Become A Ministry Partner

Truth for Today is a ‘faith’ ministry - we live by faith, we walk by faith, but we can't live on faith. That’s where you can make a difference as a valued ministry partner. Our faithful God is Jehovah Jireh who provides as in Genesis 22:14 and Philippians 4:19. To share in this way, click on the link below: 


"We have this precious treasure in jars of clay [cracked pots] to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us."

Paul in 2 Corinthians 4:7

Truth for Today is a Word focused, Christ-centred ministry with three strings to its bow. One, to teach the Bible in a warm expository style so that people’s lives are influenced to such a degree that they impact their world for Jesus Christ. Two, to mentor those involved in frontline ministry and to provide pastoral care and support for others around the world who are faithfully serving the Lord and his people. Three, to provide resources, where possible, for various mission projects and gospel initiatives. In all this, our only desire is to see the name of the Lord Jesus honoured and glorified.

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